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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Physical Therapy Now in Newport News, VA...

- A.L.

“I went to PT Now in the fall of 2013 for knee scope recovery PT. I was SO impressed with the staff that even now, 7 years later I still use techniques they taught me to maintain my knee strength. I was welcomed to each session and treated with respect and kindness on harder days. We didn’t ever have the same session twice, and they used multiple techniques. Of course I am biased and enjoyed the massage and cold treatments more, but they also made me push hard to fully recover in the healthiest way possible. I recovered right on schedule (let’s say, 1/4 of that is genetics & DEFINITELY the rest was PT Now). I maintained my strength because of PT Now and would highly recommend them to someone for any sort of PT. Kudos and thanks for the great care!”

- L.G.

“I went to PT Now for a sprained ACL. Every time I tried to heal on my own it wasn’t working. I knew I wanted to get back into running but my knee had a different idea. After 3 session at PT Now I started to feel a difference. My knee was feeling strong and I started to get back into running. There were so many resources at PT Now. There were lasers, creams, exercise equipment, even a machine to test my hamstring strength to see where I was starting. It was so cool, especially for someone that loves metrics and seeing progress. Overall, my experience was amazing. I went into PT thinking my knee would always hurt me and I wouldn’t be back to myself. I was wrong! I’m running more than ever. I have more knowledge about how to recover and how to continue to keep my knee strong. The best part is that I have an at home program to follow post care.”

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