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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Physical Therapy Now in Newport News, VA...

- B.F.

“I was an athlete suffering from lower back pain that 2 other PTs and steroid injections didn’t improve. Darren and his staff at PT Now evaluated my movement patterns to identify the root cause of my pain (not the herniated disk, but the compromised movement pattern that caused it in the first place) and then tailored a recovery program that eliminated my back pain in just a few months. Previous PTs told me I’d never squat or deadlift again and recommended the same exercises as seniors recovering from hip surgery; Darren fixed the underlying issue and I’ve been training without pain since.

- W.M.

“My doc recommended I see a PT for the instability in my lower back and in our very 1st session I am learning things that will be invaluable to both me and to my personal training clients. Already looking forward to my next visit. He says there is no reason with the proper guidance that i can’t get back to running! I had tears in my eyes! Who you choose for physical therapy matters a great deal, they are not all the same. Not everyone has the commitment to excellence, and the ability to impart knowledge as do Darren and his staff. As a fitness professional this is of vital importance to me. Anyone can prescribe exercises and throw medical terminology around, but not everyone is willing to share the “why” of what they are doing, and willing to help their clients learn how to better care for themselves.”

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