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Discover how to reclaim your life, get back to the activities and life you’ve imagined, and feel better than you ever thought possible.

Darren Beilstein
​Specialist Physical Therapist

A Message From Darren Beilstein
Owner & Founder of PT Now

Have You Been Told:

If this sounds like you and you are looking to try something different and get relief, I assure you we hear stories just like this on a daily basis and we’ve been able to help many people who thought they had no choice but to “live with” their symptoms.

Choosing the RIGHT provider can mean the difference between;

We at PT Now understand the frustrations you may be experiencing in today’s healthcare system and that is exactly why WE ARE HERE!

We know:
You don’t have to sacrifice the active lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed. That’s why we made this free guide just for you.

You see, everyone with back pain in the Hampton Roads area asks us the same questions…

We have good news: you don’t have to “live with it”. There is still more that can be done and we’re here to show you the way.

Most people get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.

The one thing we can guarantee is that by doing nothing, your back pain won’t get better. If they did, you would not be reading this RIGHT NOW!

So the next important thing is to TAKE ACTION!

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What Is The Physical Therapy Now 5 Step Process?

We Help Adults Get Out Of Pain And Return To Activities That They Love

[FREE Guide] Shows You 10 Simple Ways To Ease Back Pain...
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Discover how to reclaim your life, get back to the activities and life you’ve imagined, and feel better than you ever thought possible.

In This Guide You’ll Discover…

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Physical Therapy Now in Newport News, VA...

- R.P.

“I’ve had 4 different reasons to receive physical therapy since 2010, and each time PT Now has been there for me. Both Dr. Darren Beilstein and Dr. Brittney Kortz are true professionals who really care about wellness and have a balanced view of the needs of their patients. Due to their personal approaches, I’m even hesitant to use the word “patient” but I do because they have been so “patient” with me and my questions. During this latest round of treatments, Brittney has been amazing helping me recover from sciatica due to an L4/L5 herniated disk. The staff assistants are well-trained and just as personal. While I’m a believer in physical therapy and its benefits, I’m even more satisfied with the care I get at PT Now. I feel a restored confidence in the medical industry knowing that it’s not just about money. PT Now is instilling that same confidence one patient at a time. Thank you so much!”

- W.B.

“My doc recommended I see a PT for the instability in my lower back and in our very 1st session I am learning things that will be invaluable to both me and to my personal training clients. Already looking forward to my next visit. He says there is no reason with the proper guidance that I can’t get back to running! I had tears in my eyes! Who you choose for physical therapy matters a great deal, they are not all the same. Not everyone has the commitment to excellence, and the ability to impart knowledge as do Darren and his staff. As a fitness professional this is of vital importance to me. Anyone can prescribe exercises and throw medical terminology around, but not everyone is willing to share the “why” of what they are doing, and willing to help their clients learn how to better care for themselves.”

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